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Being too abstract is boring

Abstract wishes, opinions and promises are very boring and totally meaningless.

For example, a Syrian who just keeps telling his wishes of peace for Syria and stops at that point. He wishes peace, just peace as an abstract concept, and stops at that point and omits all the details and the evolutions of the situation in Syria! Well, everyone claims to seek peace, no one would say I’m against the peace!

Or that one who keeps talking about equality among all humans so in general as an abstract concept and omits all the social, cultural, biological and mental diversities between people! Well, of course people are equal in the basics, but they are not the same! People are different and societies are different!

Therefore, being so general tends to be quite equal to say nothing! Expressing wishes and opinions in such an abstract level is too loose exactly as if nothing has been expressed at all!


Our new generations in the west (linguistically)

The main reason why 99% of the new generations of our people in the western communities master neither Arabic nor Syriac is that the local official language of the country in which they leave (German, Swedish, French, English, Dutch .. etc) impresses and dominates the everyday life, according to the older generations when they try to vindicate their younger generations’ failure.
But on the other side, almost all of our people in Syria master both Arabic and Syriac, although the official language in Syria is the Arabic and it dominates everything in the country like in the west and maybe even more! (Arabic which is the fourth most difficult language worldwide) Nevertheless almost everyone of us masters easily the both (and in many cases Kurdish in addition) !

I’m a Syrian, not a Christian

The reason why I’m against the regime of Bashar Al-Assad is absolutely not that I was being oppressed and tyrannized due to my Christian religion.
I was being oppressed by the regime of Assad, but not because of my religion, I was being oppressed as a human, like all the other humans with different religions in Syria. I demand my rights as a human, not as a Christian. And I do NOT and will NOT support any side that addresses me as a Christian instead of a Syrian.


Why do I support Muslims?

Many are wondering why I support Muslims and their demands.
So let me make it clear .. Personally, as you know, I’m not a Muslim, I eat pork and drink alcohol, I believe neither in Hijab nor in Quran. But the point is; despite my personal beliefs and my non-believeness in Islam, but these people who have these beliefs deserve not to be killed and have the right to live, to choose, to decide, and to have a happy life, exactly as I deserve, absolutely regardless in what they believe or how their lifestyle is or how much it is different from mine.
If they don’t drink alcohol nor eat pork, if they wear Hijab, if they believe that when one is dead, he will get 40 virgin girls as a prize … etc, whatever they believe, and however I am different from it, but they deserve not to be killed.

No one had died for me

Let it be clear. No one died for me. No one died for my sins. Jesus, who was a great person and has a great philosophy in life, didn’t die in stead of me. I was born about 1957 years after his death, and am absolutely responsible for everything I did and will do in life, no one had to or has to or will have to pay the price of anything I did in stead of me. So how about something I never did!
So dear Jesus, my friend, I really appreciate, love and confirm your message and philosophy, but you didn’t die instead of me!

The “Syria” to which I belong

After 6 months in Europe, it has been clear to me the very high number of people from Syrian background who don’t identify themselves as “Syrians” and really don’t feel of belonging to this 185000-Squared-Kilometers country known nowadays as “Syria”! They see the map as they like and wish, they recognize themselves as “Kurds”, “Assyrians”, “Muslims”, “Christians”, “Alawites” … etc. Each of them has in mind his own state to which he feels belonging! They don’t recognize themselves as “Syrians”, but by their own close belonging, and deal with every thing depending on this close belonging, they deal with and evaluate politics and society and every other aspect in life taking into consideration their own recognition of themselves like “Kurds”, “Aramaic”, “Muslims” … etc, but not “Syrians”!
Really lots and lots of people from those we see every day don’t see a state called “Syria” on the map and don’t consider Syria more than just a temporary political body on its way to disappear.
So I would like to declare, to all, and even and especially to my own society, that I, personally, identify and recognize myself as “SYRIAN”, only “Syrian”, and not anything other than “Syrian”, I come from the 185000-Squared-Kilometers state known as “SYRIA” (which is now occupied by the dictator Assad and his family). I was born in this country, lived in this country, and belong to this country. I don’t have any national belongings to a nation or state other than this Syria which I know, and not any other Syrias in which the people dream. I am against any idea suggesting creating separated states for groups like Kurds or Assyrians or any other group in Syria, and against emerging the current Syria with besides areas to form such a new state as well. My major belonging to Syria (the current “Syria” which I know, where I was born, whose nationality I hold) takes the precedency on any other minor belongings (ethnic, religious … etc).


The illogic is exactly the logic !

“The question is are they mad enough to do it !? To launch a chemical weapons attack in Damascus on the very day that a United Nations chemical weapons inspection team arrives in Damascus must be a new definition of madness.”, Mr. Galloway says. Actually, this point is one of the most important ones which Assad depends on, simply he is doing what nobody can believe or imagine that there is ever a person can do it! Yes, according to the regular mentality and logic of humans, which Mr. Galloway is using in demonstrating his point of view, this seems to be unbelievable and unaccepted, but this is exactly what Assad is actually doing everyday in Syria, the madness of brutality! This is exactly what we are talking about and nobody hears or understands! because nobody can even imagine that what we are talking about is really taking place today in the 21st century by such a tyrant called Bashar Al-Assad and his hooligans! Mr. Galloway and his views’ supporters consider this to be illogical, and can’t understand that this “illogical” is exactly the logic when it comes to Assad! This is the disaster we are talking about!
By the way, I’ve experienced this exact logic of judging especially with the Syrians who have been in the west for a long period of time so they have got the western mentality and culture, so they are now so far from the mentality of how the things are going on in Syria. They look strange for me when trying to judge the Syrian case and Assad regime’s mentality according to the mentality they have got in the west! Yes actually their mentality is the more correct, more logical and nearer to the sane, but the problem they can’t understand is that this nearer-to-sane mentality is so very far from the mentality of regimes like Assad’s!
And when it comes to “I wondered just why the former Prime Minister forced Her Majesty to billet him in her guest room at Buckingham Palace just a few years ago, and why a former Prime Minister recommended him for an honor. I remembered how he was hailed from all corners as a modernizer”, according to Mr. Galloway. Yes, many examples like this can be given, this is simply because of the marketing campaigns led by the west to polish anybody they want or to defame anybody they want at any time they want according to their current political needs!
And when it comes to the matter of Christians, religious minorities and etc, yes due to many factors nowadays the religious minorities have started to face risks. But I really hope to believe that the story of religious minorities is worth for the west more than just an argument to be picked up and used when they need it.


The dictatorship in the eyes of Western

This post especially targets who are not Syrians or, to be more accurate, the Syrians who have been abroad for a long period of time so they are unable today to recognize the Syrian situation reasonably .. You are really driving me to remember a joke about an Iraqi man who had lived under the regime of the dictator Saddam Hussein .. The joke tells that a journalist was talking to the man, asking him to talk about his experience with a regime ruled by a dictator mentality like Saddam Hussein’s. After talked and talked and talked explaining how the dictatorial criminal mentality was governing the people and the country, he was asked by her: so why had you been voting for him if he was such extremely bad !?