The “Syria” to which I belong

After 6 months in Europe, it has been clear to me the very high number of people from Syrian background who don’t identify themselves as “Syrians” and really don’t feel of belonging to this 185000-Squared-Kilometers country known nowadays as “Syria”! They see the map as they like and wish, they recognize themselves as “Kurds”, “Assyrians”, “Muslims”, “Christians”, “Alawites” … etc. Each of them has in mind his own state to which he feels belonging! They don’t recognize themselves as “Syrians”, but by their own close belonging, and deal with every thing depending on this close belonging, they deal with and evaluate politics and society and every other aspect in life taking into consideration their own recognition of themselves like “Kurds”, “Aramaic”, “Muslims” … etc, but not “Syrians”!
Really lots and lots of people from those we see every day don’t see a state called “Syria” on the map and don’t consider Syria more than just a temporary political body on its way to disappear.
So I would like to declare, to all, and even and especially to my own society, that I, personally, identify and recognize myself as “SYRIAN”, only “Syrian”, and not anything other than “Syrian”, I come from the 185000-Squared-Kilometers state known as “SYRIA” (which is now occupied by the dictator Assad and his family). I was born in this country, lived in this country, and belong to this country. I don’t have any national belongings to a nation or state other than this Syria which I know, and not any other Syrias in which the people dream. I am against any idea suggesting creating separated states for groups like Kurds or Assyrians or any other group in Syria, and against emerging the current Syria with besides areas to form such a new state as well. My major belonging to Syria (the current “Syria” which I know, where I was born, whose nationality I hold) takes the precedency on any other minor belongings (ethnic, religious … etc).